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The Success Formula of our Augmented Reality App Development Value

Augmented Reality renders an intangible experience. Businesses can leverage that intangible experience to create tangible value for their customers, employees and all stakeholders at large. At London App Development, we strive to create the best Augmented Reality experiences for Android and iOS devices that your users could be using habitually.

We harness the growing potential of Android ARCore and Apple ARKit to create native augmented reality experiences that will educate, entertain and engage users in a whole new way. We have also started rolling out AR apps for our clients using AR.js, the WebGL framework for Augmented Reality which would bring the magic of AR to web users as well. As one among the frontrunning augmented reality development companies, we hope to leverage this growing momentum AR to deliver mixed reality to all users alike. Want to use of AR success formula for your business success?

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Spearheading Augmented Reality Mobile app Development

We are paving new inroads in augmented reality app development where the possibilities are literally infinite. Here is a gist of our industry-focused AR development offerings.


Transform the way your customers’ shop, both online and offline, with the immersive feeling that Augmented Reality creates.


From movie trailers embedded to interactive mobile games, take a slice of the $150 Million AR entertainment industry with our expertise.


Explore never before experienced detailing of reports and precision of patient data visuals with the prowess of Augmented Reality.


Bring students closer to their subjects of study with immersive educational content that imparts learning better than textual content.

Travel & Tourism

360-degree virtual tours, real-time location blurbs, interactive navigation - bring about a digital revolution in travel experiences with augmented reality travel apps.


Reduce Production Downtime, diagnose equipment issues quickly by putting augmented reality to work on assembly floors and product design tables.


Your users want a better gaming experience. Give them an experience that makes them feel part of the game with Augmented Reality.

Real Estate

Take away the guesswork in property measurement and interior design planning with the accuracy of Augmented Reality.

Why Choose

Why choose us for your Augmented Reality Development?

We are passion-driven augmented reality app developers who want to reimagine user experiences for customers and employees with the might of immersive reality. We have built specific expertise on Augmented Reality on multiple native mobile platforms making us a perfect choice for any augmented reality app development project.

Breadth of Experience

We have proven experience in developing Augmented reality apps for education, real estate, retail & several other industries.

Industry-focused offerings

We create AR mobile apps that work in conjunction with your industry and the complexity of its operational landscape.

Zero-bug Assurance

All the apps that we build are subject to a rigorous QA process that weeds out all possible bugs that can hinder their functionality.

Agile Project Methodology

We follow the Agile project methodology which helps launch Augmented Reality apps within a short span of time.

End-To-End app Development

We provide a holistic app development service. From sketching the wireframe to launching the app in Play Store and everything in between.

Continued Support

Our commitment with you does not end with the launch of the app. We would available round the clock to address any of your maintenance requirements.


Our Works

Glance through the many masterpieces that our mobile app developers have crafted using a fine blend of art and technology.

Dorel Taxi

An on-demand taxi booking application for android and iOS devices. The Independent application is developed for both Rider as well as Driver with integrated analytics.

Form Assist

A Fitness Coaching app developed by London app development. Classes calendar, workout regimen videos, messaging and consultation with the coach.


An augmented reality app designed for creating and storing your personal memories. Its a location-based Augmented Reality social application designed for iOS and android phones.


Clients we Have Impressed

From our first customer to our latest account acquisition, we are proud to have impressed every single client who have us an opportunity to build mobile apps


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